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    Hi Ash

    I was just wondering what sort of weights your guys are pushing out for the Beastly circuits:

    Beastly Circuits
    1. Power Clean from Hang/Front Squat/Push Press/Jump Squats/Good Morning/Bent Over Row 3 minutes on Bike Hard 6 reps on each exercise, do not put the bar down for the entire 36 reps, then do a hard 3 minutes on a bike, repeat for 6 times through
    2. Power Snatch from floor, Overhead Squat, Push Jerk Behind Head, Combo Good Morning, Jump Squat, Power Clean from Hang, Rope Jumping 3 minutes, 6 reps on each exercise, do not put the bar down for the entire 36 reps, then do a hard 3 minutes skipping, repeat for 6 times through
    3. Dead Lift/Power Clean from Hang/Front Squat/Push Press/High Pull from Hang/Bent Over Row/Romanian Dead Lift, 6 reps on each exercise, do not put the bar down for the entire 42 reps, then do a hard 3 minutes on a rower @ sub 2:00 pace, repeat for 6 times through

    I’m looking to include 1-2 Beastly circuits and 2-3 metcon circuits at crossfit into my weekly program but I’m not sure how heavy I should be going on them nor of the best way to incorporate them without diminishing my recovery.

    As it stands my program looks like this (I change a some of the exercises and rep ranges every 3-4 weeks):

    MON – Lower Body Strength AM, Boxing/Sprints PM.
    Power Clean (3×6), Back Squat (5×5), Front Squat (5×5), Sng Leg Back Extension (4×8), Push up to glute ham raise off floor (2×12), 10mins Core

    TUES – Upper Body Strength AM, (x-fit metcon/Beastly PM?)
    Push Jerk (3×6), Standing BB Press (5×5) s/s Weighted Pull ups (5×5), Inc DB press (4×6) s/s Sng Arm Seated Row (4×6)

    WED – Full Body Power PM, x-fit metcon PM (immediately after)
    Cleans progressions (6×3) alternating each week with
    Snatch progressions (6×3)

    THUR – Rest Day.

    FRI – Full Body Strength PM, (Beastly Circuit AM?)
    Cleans (3×6), Standing Sng Arm DB Press (4×6) s/s DL (4×6),
    Weighted Chins (4×6) s/s Back Squat (4×6), 10mins Core

    SAT – X-fit met con AM

    SUN – Rest Day.

    I really appreciate the site, thanks for your help.



    Looks reasonably solid in your programming, the danger is in trying to do everything, all the time and then getting burned out, I think you need to look at what your goal is in the program, is it to gte stronger, or more powerful, is it specific to rugby or another sport, or is it just for general fitness, my guys will use 70kg for the clean beastly and 50kg for the snatch version, trying to fit those circuits around major sessions will be very fatiguing and minimise your recovery so I would alternate a cross fit session with a beastly on a Saturday,
    looking at the schedule you will be okay with the session on the Tuesday just monitor how you are feeling and what your weights are like are they improving, particularly since you have a clean or snatch and power workout planned for the wednesday, I would even use the beastly as a power endurance circuit and just stand it alone on the Wednesday,
    cheers, ashley


    Hi Ash

    It is mainly just for general strength and fitness as I won’t be playing this season and possibly not again at all unfotunately.

    I was looking at 12 week blocks alternating from strength focus to hypertrophy focus and back to strength. The power work that I do is just because I love doing it and to improve my skills for coaching.

    For my first strength phase I was planning on using two rounds of the Accumulation/Phase Intensification Phase which Damian suggested in his holy grail post:

    Wk 1-3: 5 x 5 plateau load Wk 4: 5 x 5 step load
    Wk 5: 2 x 5, 3 x 3 step load
    Wk 6: 5,4,3,2,1

    Then changing to a similar 2x 6wk program but for hypertrophy (Can you suggest anything here?)

    I’ll take your advice on the metabolic work, and I’ll prob start off light with the beastly circuits.

    Thanks again for your advice, much appreciated.



    Hi there for the hypertrophy work I really have had some good results
    with the Rule of 24 programs that I have listed here, if that is a key
    goal then I am certain you can attain it by using this in combination
    with a body part split rather than a full body program which I prefer
    for strength, so I would suggest say:

    Monday – Quad dominant

    Tuesday – Chest Triceps

    Wednesday – Back Biceps

    Thursday – Hamstring dominant

    Friday – Shoulders Arms

    Or something similar, try it for 6 weeks and I am sure you will be
    impressed with your results, ash


    Thanks Ash, i’ll give it try.


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