Re: Off-Season and Pre-Season Structure


Well I would prioritise the speed work over all other aspects of
training, so this being the case, 2 sessions for forwards and 3 sessions
for backs should be correct, I usually do speed work first then strength
power work immediately after that. I would do a 3 week up 1 week down
loading cycle, doing just 1 speed session in the down week:

Monday: speed/strength or power (lower body only or full body)

Tuesday: upper body conditioning

Wednesday: speed/strength or power (lower body only or full body)

Thursday: conditioning

Friday: speed or Anaerobic Games/strength or power(lower body only or
full body)

If you are doing 3 full body strength sessions you can do them
immediately after the speed work or if you are on a split program do the
lower body post speed and then the upper body work the next day when you
do some conditioning work, or we often do an anaerobic/conditioning
games sessions each week that combines conditionig work with a lot of
agility/change of direction work so that is often an extra speed
session, hope this starts you thinking in a direction that can get the
results you require, ash