Re: off season program for outside back


Hey Damian, what type of program would you give similar sort of player, whos played semi pro and some full time before, 5’10, winger but for the onseason. I am 88 kgs. bench 125 kgs for 3, squats depends on depth, tend to go for deeper squats although sometimes get too much lactic acid build up when go too deep – but can squat deeply about 100 kgs for 4. often super set light deep squat with heavy leg press. clean 2 x 100 kgs and also do some squating on the swiss ball with 25 kgs. speed wise, flat 11 secs and 40 yard is long time was so long ago I cant remember details.. oh and 30 years of age.

I will be playing semi pro again, and do have alot of time on my hands to train, which is a bonus..

games mostly going to be saturday day time..

thanks and keep all good work up you guys!