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    hi there

    qucikly wanted to say great work on the site, its incredibley open with info on high level sport that is normally so hard to come by

    have been scowering through the info and taking as much in as possible, so sorry if ive missed some and i’m re-asking a question!!
    i play winger at a semi-pro standard in england, have been subjected to many different training methods, some good, some confused!! generally i struggle putting it all together, what to do on what days and in what order e.g speed after stregth day etc?

    anyhow just wondering if you could possibly help with a winger specific mon-sat program for next 6 weeks till season starts. im able to train 1-2 times a day, and am an experienced training, having followed w4sb among other things, and am just looking to mix ir up a bit with some more speed specific work.

    again, congrats on such a great webiste, any info will be greatly appreciated

    thanks again



    G’day Joe

    As with most things the devil is in the detail. Let me know what you are doing with your strength work currently and any other training e.g. conditioning and skills. I can then give you a more accuarate ideas as to what you should be doing. Any other info like age, training age, weight, height, strength levels, speed, etc will also help.




    hi damian
    thanks for getting back to me
    indeed the devil is in the detail-so here we go
    im 6ft2, 90 kg, 25 years old, went to loughborough university in england and have done alot of training over the years since my experiences there
    strength wise- havent done 1 rep max for a long time, but for 3 reps bench is 125kg, deadlift 200kg, have long femurs so dont squat deep very often anymore, pull-ups 3 close grip with 30 kg, dips 3 reps with 50 kg
    speed is pretty good, but couldnt fill you in with exact times as havent been tested in a long time, have starting doing some basic jump training now also, but again sporadic rather than in a good routine.

    one way or another ive done ok in certain areas, but have never been able to put it together in a weekly plan
    i looked at your speed program on here, really liked the look of that, wasnt sure hpw and when to fit in relation to the strength training etc

    thanks loads for taking time to get back to me



    Thanks Joe. That gives me a better picture of you. I would say your strength levels are definately above the line so the issue becomes how well you transfer that onto the field. I would just maintain max strength with your focus on skill, speed and power. You could set up your program as follows

    (Warm ups not included)

    Monday – Acceleration Focus

    1A. Wall Drill 4 x 3es
    1B. Speed Bound
    2A. Sled Sprint 5 x 10m
    2B. Sprint 5 x 10m
    3. Sprint 2 x 20m
    4. Arc Sprint Left 2 x 20m
    5. Arc Sprint Right 2 x 20m

    1A. Hang Power Clean 3-5 x 3-5
    1B. Single Leg Box Jump 3-5 x 3-5es
    2A. Trap Bar Deadlift 3 x 3-6
    2B. Box Jump 3 x 3-5
    3A. Upper Push
    3B. Upper Pull
    4. Abs

    Wednesday – Max Velocity

    1A. Patters 4 x 10m
    1B. Stiff Legged Bounds 4 x 15-20m
    2. Fly In Sprint 3-5 x 30/10m (include arc fly ins)
    3. Ins & Outs 3-5 x 15/15/15/15m
    4. Sprints 3-5 x 40-60m

    1A. Hang Power Snatch 3-5 x 3-5
    1B. Hurdle Jump 3-5 x 3-5 (fast contacts)
    2A. Jump Squat with Bar 3-5 x 3-5
    2B. Borzov Jump 3-5 x 3-5
    3A. Upper Push
    3B. Upper Pull
    4. Abs

    Friday – Agility/Mixed Focus

    1. MB Caber Toss Forwards – Drop to Push Up position and scramble out 10m x 5
    2. MB Caber MB Squat & Chest Throw Accel 10m x 5
    3. Lateral Hop x 3 into 10m sprint (if hopping to left, hop on left leg and drive off at 45degrees to right on sprint out) x 3-5es
    4. Agility Scramble x 5 (Set up a 20m long x 10m wide rectangle and place a variety of cones or poles within the grid. When you enter the grid you sprint towards the other end but side step/ swerve the cones or poles. You can have a few different coloured cones for spins or hitting the deck. e.g. sidestep the white poles but spin on the red poles).
    5. Ins & Outs 15/15/15/15m x 5 (Must be done as a swerve not just a straight sprint. You can also have ball in hand and have a chip and chase component)

    1A. Hang Power Split Snatch 3-5 x 3-5
    1B. Zig Zag Bounds 3-5 x 3-5 (fast contacts)
    2A. High Box Step Ups 3-4 x 6-8es
    2B. Lateral Bound 3-4 x 3-5es
    3A. Upper Push
    3B. Upper Pull
    4. Abs

    You can just add your skills and conditioning around this program depending on how you feel. However, remember the goal is speed and power so don’t let your other training negate this.

    Hope this helps



    Awesome program Damian, I may have to write that one down for the Crusaders this coming year no I will definitely write it down, nice balance between each area and specific focus on each day I am sure Joe will get a lot out of this program, cheers, ash


    Hey Joe, just read the details you provided to Damian, so here is what i would suggest for you leading in over the next 6 weeks:

    3 x gym based programs, power Monday & Friday, full body strength on Wednesday

    1 x Games session with your mates or if training by yourself a repeated speed session on Wednesdays

    2 x Speed sessions before power sessions on Monday and Fridays

    1 – 2 x Boxing or Wrestling or MMA workout per week

    2 x Yoga or stretch or Pilates sessions per week

    as to specifics:

    Gym Programs

    2 x Full Body Power

    Select different exercises for each session

    2 x Full Body exercises do a jump exercise after each set

    2 x Squat (Band Box Squats & Quarter Explosive Squats) do a jump exercise after each set

    2 x Upper Body Push (Band Bench Press & Barbell Split Jerk) do an upper body plyometric exercise after each set

    Alternate between 6 sets of 3 reps at 60 – 80% (workout 1 – Monday) and the 3 sets of 6 reps at 25 – 40% (Workout 2 – Friday).Plyo contrast option same sets and reps

    Jump Options:

    Knees to feet jump, Jump onto Box, Depth Jump (advanced), Repeat Hurdle Jumps, Band Jump outs, Tuck Jumps

    Upper Body Plyos:

    Clap Chest Push Ups, Clap Push Ups, Jump Ups onto a box, Med Ball Drop & Push away, Cross Over Push Ups, Med Ball Throw against a Wall, Wheelbarrow Arm Hops

    1 x Full Body Strength

    Select exercises from each of the following categories, use the same exercise for 3 weeks then change the exercise and repeat the 3 week progression

    3 sets each exercises with the following reps:

    Week 1/4 – 4 x 6 Week 2/5 – 2 x 5, 3 x 3 Week 3/6 – 5 x 5

    1 x Full Body exercise

    1 x Squat exercise

    1 x Hamstring/Lower Back

    2 x Upper Body Push super set with Upper Body Pull

    Core Training:

    After each workout out, select from the following options and do a core circuit, for 10 minutes total time:

    Suit case Dead Lifts, Rollouts, Swiss Ball Leg Raises, Turkish Get Ups, Full Body Twist, Bicycle, Sprinter’s Sit Up, Boxer’s Sit Up, Rainbows, Swiss Ball Sit Up & Throw Med Ball, Russian Twist on Back Extension, Cable Wood Chops

    Running Program Options

    2 x Speed

    Session 1:

    Full Movement Warm up 10 minutes

    Ladders – forward series

    Hurdles – 2 x march, 2 x skip, 2 x run 10m accelerate


    G – MB throw sprint

    U – Double leg jumps 5 x 5 10m sprint

    F – Repeat hurdle jumps 5 x 5 10m sprint

    Alactate Power

    G – 2 x 8 x 5m build 10m fly

    U – 2 x 6 x 10m build 20m fly

    F – 2 x 4 x 20m build 30m fly

    Session 2:

    Full Movement Warm up 10 minutes

    Ladders – lateral series

    Hurdles – lateral series

    Harnesses – lateral series release


    G – double leg jumps 5 x 5 sprint

    U – low hurdle jumps 5 x 5 sprint

    F – Power Skip 5 x 40m, 4 x 50m Bound

    Max. Velocity

    G – 6 x 30m

    U – 6 x 40m

    F – 6 x 50m

    1 x Anaerobic Games

    3 x 15 minute games

    Goal Line “D”

    Attackers have 2 extra players than defenders.

    Attack starts 5 metres away from goal line place another cone 2 metres out from goal line the defenders can not move out past this cone, attackers just have to run across the line to score they do not have to ground the ball, if an attacker is tagged (2 handed) the ball is passed back to the 5 metre line to start the next attack, attackers have 2 minutes to score as many points as possible, any time the ball is dropped, knocked on, passed forward that attacking raid is finished and the ball has to go back to the 5 metre line to go again.

    Offside Touch

    First pass must always go back then attack to furthest try line, attacking team gets 2 touches, after 2nd touch turnover, ball can be passed after the restart pass in any direction, to ensure everyone is working all the time all the attacking team must be inside the 22m area before the try can be scored, the team that scores retains possession and defending team must push inside the attacking half way line otherwise the try is worth 2 points, another version is man on man where you can only tag your partner and vice versa, plus you can add a sweeper that can tag anyone as well, can be played as a kicking game grubber kicks only and no running with the ball post reception of the grubber kick.

    Speed Ball

    Played with a soccer ball, normal soccer rules apply but if you can catch the ball on the full you then play on for three touches with normal touch football rules applying after the 3rd touch the ball is dropped and neither the defender or attacker involved in that last play are allowed to touch the ball. The same rule applies for forward pass or knocked on ball. Play on full field.

    Repeated Speed options if no players to play games with

    Session 1: 30 x 100 m every 60 seconds

    Session 2 : 20 x 78m every 45 seconds, 10 x 50m every 30 seconds, 20 x 22m every 15 seconds (2 minute walk between sets)

    So for a week plan

    Monday: Speed then Power heavy
    Tuesday: Combat session Yoga etc
    Wednesday: Anaerobic Games Full Body Strength
    Thursday: Repeat Tuesday
    Friday: Speed Power Light
    Sat/Sun: Recovery
    Hope that gives you some ideas to build your program on, cheers, ashley


    guys, im completely made up by that, that is incredible!!

    i cant say thanks enough for taking the time to plan something like that for me, im really blown away, ive been looking for clarification like this for years, and it puts it all into place

    i cant wait to get started with

    cheers damian, that is exactly what im looking for, and thanks ash for filling in the gaps and finishing off the weekly plan

    i have recomended this site to all the guys at our rugby club, never expected to get such thorough, specific and informative info back

    will try not to bore you to much,, but will keep you informed on progress

    cheers again guys



    Cheers Joe, glad that we could be of assistance to you and the many others out there that may have had a similar question to yourself, all I ask is that you share the information and help someone else along the way, go well, ashley


    Hey Damian, what type of program would you give similar sort of player, whos played semi pro and some full time before, 5’10, winger but for the onseason. I am 88 kgs. bench 125 kgs for 3, squats depends on depth, tend to go for deeper squats although sometimes get too much lactic acid build up when go too deep – but can squat deeply about 100 kgs for 4. often super set light deep squat with heavy leg press. clean 2 x 100 kgs and also do some squating on the swiss ball with 25 kgs. speed wise, flat 11 secs and 40 yard is long time was so long ago I cant remember details.. oh and 30 years of age.

    I will be playing semi pro again, and do have alot of time on my hands to train, which is a bonus..

    games mostly going to be saturday day time..

    thanks and keep all good work up you guys!


    @drlukemccabe 361 wrote:

    do some squating on the swiss ball with 25 kgs

    Not to be too critical, but if that is the exercise I think it is it’s not one I’d be happy with safety-wise.


    hey fergus… why not? really enjoying your input with all this, learning alot off this site!



    ps: at moment only tend to super set those squats without the weights.. so do some squats on floor for 4, then super set with 10 on ball without weights… also do medicine ball stuff on it such as passing etc while standing on it.. is just the squats which you have issue with or all of it?

    cheers again


    (Personally) I just think there is alot of potential for serious injury with a swiss ball squat and in the grander scheme of things not great ‘bang-for-buck’.


    Hi DLM

    i tend to agree with Fergus but for slightly different reasons (and for safety reasons too – having a swiss ball roll out from under you is no fun!)

    our sprinters use to do a lot of swiss ball stability work – but to be honest except for specific prehab-rehab needs we found it basically a waste of good training time – running style and speed showed no improvement and gym related injuries went up! – even then for knees/ankles rehab we prefer running on foam or bosu board wobbles.

    The unstable surface concept is ok in theory – but unstable surface for runners is “moving” on paddock, hills, sand etc not “standing” on a swiss ball!

    The single most important factor in running speed is force applied during the period of foot-contact – you develop that power through stable surface hard training – unstable simulation can be better developed by the same on one leg for example – the rest is wastage of training time and energy.

    That said – to be balanced and to move outside my probbaly biased opinions based on limited experience :>> – some athletes find the challenge of a swiss ball – fun – and fun is a lot of what it is about!

    Train hard my friend and enjoy it all!


    Well that’s another reason … I didnt’ raise that because it opens a whole new can of worms about ‘stability’ training etc.
    But yes – the basic question has to be – what is it giving you?


    G’day mate

    Just wrote a reply for you and the computer crashed on me. I will and try and remember what I wrote!

    Firstly, just because you have the time to train doesn’t mean that you have to. Remember it is optimal training not how much you can tolerate.

    Secondly, your goal should be to be physically recovered as you go into each match so consider this with every training decision you make during the week.

    Thirdly, your number one priority in season should be skill training before strength and conditioning.

    However, to your program…

    I would try and get one exposure to some short sprints, sleds, agility etc some rhythm runs over 40-60m. When you are feeling good you can add a small volume of max velocity work. The volume all depends on how much speed work you are getting from your ‘specificity’ training i.e skills

    If you need additional conditioning then i would use repeat high intensity efforts e.g. sets of 10 x 50m on 30sec. However, work efforts dont have to be restricted to straight line speed. You can also include agility patterns, short sprints etc.

    In the weight room I would recommend something like the following

    1 x leg power e.g. Power Snatch, Jump Squat etc
    1 x leg exercise e.g. Back Squat, Deadlift etc
    1 x Push Ab
    1 x Pull Ab

    You could also perform some sort of jump as a contrast between exercises 1 & 2.

    I tend not to over lift with the leg strength exercise in season. Maybe work up to within 10-15% of your max in whatever rep range you are using every 3 weeks. This ensures you are staying in touch with max strength to maintain it.

    If you get a second session in, then i would eliminate the leg strength exercise.

    Sets and reps, along with any additional volume is dependent on how well you maintain your playing weight in season.

    Hope this gives you some ideas



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