Re: off season program for outside back


hi damian
thanks for getting back to me
indeed the devil is in the detail-so here we go
im 6ft2, 90 kg, 25 years old, went to loughborough university in england and have done alot of training over the years since my experiences there
strength wise- havent done 1 rep max for a long time, but for 3 reps bench is 125kg, deadlift 200kg, have long femurs so dont squat deep very often anymore, pull-ups 3 close grip with 30 kg, dips 3 reps with 50 kg
speed is pretty good, but couldnt fill you in with exact times as havent been tested in a long time, have starting doing some basic jump training now also, but again sporadic rather than in a good routine.

one way or another ive done ok in certain areas, but have never been able to put it together in a weekly plan
i looked at your speed program on here, really liked the look of that, wasnt sure hpw and when to fit in relation to the strength training etc

thanks loads for taking time to get back to me