Re: off season program for outside back


G’day mate

Just wrote a reply for you and the computer crashed on me. I will and try and remember what I wrote!

Firstly, just because you have the time to train doesn’t mean that you have to. Remember it is optimal training not how much you can tolerate.

Secondly, your goal should be to be physically recovered as you go into each match so consider this with every training decision you make during the week.

Thirdly, your number one priority in season should be skill training before strength and conditioning.

However, to your program…

I would try and get one exposure to some short sprints, sleds, agility etc some rhythm runs over 40-60m. When you are feeling good you can add a small volume of max velocity work. The volume all depends on how much speed work you are getting from your ‘specificity’ training i.e skills

If you need additional conditioning then i would use repeat high intensity efforts e.g. sets of 10 x 50m on 30sec. However, work efforts dont have to be restricted to straight line speed. You can also include agility patterns, short sprints etc.

In the weight room I would recommend something like the following

1 x leg power e.g. Power Snatch, Jump Squat etc
1 x leg exercise e.g. Back Squat, Deadlift etc
1 x Push Ab
1 x Pull Ab

You could also perform some sort of jump as a contrast between exercises 1 & 2.

I tend not to over lift with the leg strength exercise in season. Maybe work up to within 10-15% of your max in whatever rep range you are using every 3 weeks. This ensures you are staying in touch with max strength to maintain it.

If you get a second session in, then i would eliminate the leg strength exercise.

Sets and reps, along with any additional volume is dependent on how well you maintain your playing weight in season.

Hope this gives you some ideas



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