Re: Recurrent Hamstring tear


hey Luke

nice comment on facet joint compression – totally agree!

The only problem we have is compliance – once the athletes leave training — its hard to get them to do anything “constructive” :>>>

I love your analogy to teeth brushing!!!! … not sure some of our athetes do that either!!!! :>>

so much so we feed them and water them before they go!

What about say a 15-10 min immersion in an ice bath?

On another disucssion note some sports scientists are now saying that when we try and speed up recovery – ice baths, anti-inflamms, compression garments etc – we are actually reducing overall training gains … that inflammation is a trigger for adaption

my problem is my athletes need to recover because there is a certain volume they do need to get thru! … do you think there is a balance point between induding more rapid recovery and allowing natural training adaptive gains?

Please keep posting – its how we all learn!

thanks my friend – enjoy your weekend!!!