Recurrent Hamstring tear

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    What sort of programs did you use to achieve these results?


    20% strength gains 5-6% gains in speed over 40m in 8 weeks? Thats brilliant work Bristol!

    Have you managed such gains incrementally season to season? or do you think this is the steep phase of the strength gain curve for these guys?

    I have several sprinters closing in on 10 sec – they would eat a horse and chase the jockey for over 1% per season!!! Good work mate!


    The players followed a 3 phase programme split into 3x3week cycles with 1 week off-load weeks.

    Phase 1-General Prep A
    Phase 2-General Prep B
    Phase 3-Specific Prep

    The make up of the strength programme concentrated on improving the power clean and the back squat. All other lifts in the programme are geared towards improving these lifts. The exercises used are the reverse hyper, glute ham raises, rdls and good mornings. In upper body work the 2 main lifts were weighted chin-ups and db bench press. Again all over lifts were aimed at improving these lifts.

    Players completed 4 strength sessions per week and 1 grip/guns session. 1 speed session. 2 strongman sessions. 1 hill/steps session. 1/2 conditioning games. They also 1 stretching session.

    As you can see we did not do anything radical but concentrated on core lifts, the sessions never exceeded 50 minutes but the intensity was extremely high with players working in small groups pushing each other constantly.

    The inspirations for this programme come from information I learnt on Charles Poliquin’s internships and through work done by louie simmons and joe defranco.

    Obviously not all the athletes followed this programme as for some we had to put them through structural balance programmes and the older players programmes had to be modified. The programme i described was followed by the majority of players.

    Anymore questions are welcome.



    oh and we hammered them on body fat. This along with strength work is the best work for improving speed-in my opinion.


    hey mate

    so its basically an 11 wek programme (3×3 active 2 x1 offload?) with around 10-12 sessions total per week? How many days (if any) full rest?

    What condition were the players in when they started the programme (body fat wise and how much unsupervised rest from end of season to starting this?)

    Also you mention hammering bodyfat – set targets for each player? Was it self responsibility driven? Much nutritritional input to players?

    What recovery strategies did you use? Ice baths? Massage? Active?

    cheers mate


    @bris83 511 wrote:

    oh and we hammered them on body fat. This along with strength work is the best work for improving speed-in my opinion.

    I remember years ago when I visited the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL that there was this huge sign in a prominent position in the locker room that simplay stated what your last post mentioned,cheers, ash

    “FAT is the enemy of SPEED”


    On Speed,

    we set targets for each player, those that failed to meet them were brought in for an extra session 3 mornings each week to complete 20 minutes high intensity intervals.

    We use massage and ice baths but leave it to the individual. The most important aspects in my opinion for recovery are sleep and nutrition.

    The club provided breakfast and lunch each day.
    Players started pre-season in varying degrees of physical condition. Some good, some poor, some average and some very good.

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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