Re: Recurrent Hamstring tear


well not only do I take my hat off – I bow as well!

It is truly a credit to you rugby guys that with such constraints you can incrementally add to your athletic performance basis each season and maintain that across the season!

What type of gains would you see offseason?

In both Amercian football and sprinting we have at least 24-26 weeks solid off season work.

Depending on his/her training experience and related existing performance we can get 8-14% strength gains and 4/10th to 1/100th second over 100m.

An example, but there are no typical ones:>>, would be a 19 yo old sprinter going from a 155 to 180kg below parallel squat (bodyweight 78 kg to 79.5 kg), a 145 to 165kg clean and from 10.5 to 10.3 s over 100m.

Great work guys – no wonder I learn so much from reading the rugby stuff!!!

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