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    Hi all,

    Usually when I see two sessions schedules on the same day (eg field/running and weights), the field stuff comes first in the AM then weights in the PM. Obviously there are some benefits of this set up and also scheduling matters for some professional teams etc.

    Would there be real issues with an athlete doing weights AM and running PM?
    Especially if the PM session was a conditioning session rather than speed.


    Hi there Callum, in our off season we prioritise our weight room work and place it first in the day unless we are doing speed and it follow speed immediately, we always have a conditioning style of work pm, basket ball, handball, anaerobic/conditioning games, although the main hard running was done on Tuesday (repeated speed) and Thursday (Hill Repeats) we had done upper body only work prior to these sessions, in season we have 3 weight training windows on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, to allow players to have a session when it best suits them without having a negative effect on team training and recovery, cheers,


    Thanks Ash. Exactly what I was after.

    I was mainly thinking of the guys who work 9-5 and might get a 6am and 6pm session in. Often fields are more accessible later in the day.


    Hi All!
    Just starting to get ideas and plan my off/pre season schedule, im wanting to have a really hard and intense off season and plan to do 2 sessions/day for 5-6 days per week.

    Would 6 days be too much?

    Basically this is what im looking at putting into my plan.

    Weights: 4 sessions/wk (upper & lower split i.e westside)
    Speed: 2 sessions/wk (1 x focus acceleration/power, 1 x focus footspeed/agility)
    Conditioning/endurance:1 x repeated speed, 1 x hill repeats, 1 x mixture cross training intervals,boxing,swimming

    Stretching, pre-hab and core stability will be scheduled in aswell.

    I also like doing metabolic complex circuits/power endurance circuits either as extra weights sessions or as metabolic conditioning how could i put these sessions into the plan without reducing the 4 weights sessions per week?

    Anybody got suggestions/ideas how to structure the above into a weekly plan i.e best rest days, what to do on am/pm sessions and on what days to get the best recovery and results?

    Any help be great guys!


    In my opinion that is too much. My way of splitting things would be to work for 5 weeks focusing on strength & speed, with 4 strength sessions per week, and 2 speed sessions. I would train on mon, tues, thurs and fri. Training 6 days consecutively places far too much stress on the CNS and will lead to overtraining. It is best to train for 2 days, rest, then another 2 days. I would then have a 7 day break before completing another 5 weeks dedicated to conditioning, albeit with an emphasis on maintaining the other abilities already worked on. For example you could have 3 weights session (only 1 leg session due to high demand on legs through running), 1 speed session and 2/3 conditioning sessions with one of those being a cross training session.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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