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    Just wondering what is the best session to perform the day after a speed and heavy leg session to loosen up agin and drain the waste products? Should it be in the pool, on the pitch doing repeated speed, etc? I am looking to build it into a my offseason program in which I am focusing on speed and size.

    I would be very greatful of any suggestions.



    Hey Dunne,

    I cant really recite any specific programs off the top of my head by my advice would be to perform an exercise that takes the factor of weight off your legs at a light to moderate intensity, as means of increasing blood circulation and loosining any tight muscles up, such as swimming or cycling. At the AFL club im currently working at we tend to do 30 minutes recovery sessions on a monday that consist of stretching and mostly light to moderate intensity running with skills in between like hand balls and short kicks just to keep the guys interested. Idealy we would perfer to do a pool session or a cycle to reduce the effect of body weight but sadly we dont have the facilities to make it an option.

    Hope that helps,


    My initial thoughts also would be to go ‘off legs’ the following day from a loading perspective – pool mobility session, UB weights and boxing or something like that. Of bigger consideration than “draining the waste products” in my opinion is whether you unload the CNS a little the following day from the speed and LB strength/power sessions, hence my reluctance to go with a session on the pitch doing repeat speed or any type of run loading. Some contrast temperature plunge/immersion would be of use for this the following day also.
    Other thoughts guys??



    Lactic is cleared within 2 hours if you do nothing and less than 30 minutes if you do some low intensity work immediately post your speed and heavy legs session, say jump on a bike and spin the legs around for 15 – 20 minutes and you should be fine, or go to a pool or surf swim that afternoon, you should be good to go again the next day for a repeated speed session this is what we will do during an off season conditioning phase where we are trying to get a lot of work done, cheers, ashley


    Cheers Boys, sound advice!


    Hi Ash,

    What about CNS fatigue and its effects on training hard and powerful on consecutive days? Do you have any thoughts on this? Do you consider it when planning your training volume / program?

    Cheers, P


    feel that the sort of block of time that I have to prepare payers for a season is so short that I can overload all elements of the program and then allow a significant regeneration time over a Christmas break of 10 days with limited training and have a significant rebound effect, this year I will only have a 12 day block before Christmas due to the late finish of our domestic competition, if I had a longer time say 3 months I would have to be aware of interactions more so and plan accordingly, cheers, ash

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