Any tips for a newbie?

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    There is a lot of strength endurance demands on the upper body musculature as well, that is why I like the concurrent sytem of training a la Fred Hatfield from days gone by where he would train all energy systems in a workout, so something like this for upper body:

    Band Bench Press super set with Power Tackler 6sets x 3 reps (explosive)

    Steep Incline DB Press super set with Weighted Chins 4 x 6 (Marsh strength method)

    Hindu Push ups super set with Fat Man’s Chins 50 of each (strength endurance)

    cheers, ash


    Also let us not forget the great ideas put forward by Bud Jeffries in his modern classic “Twisted Conditioning” this should be in every strength and conditioning coaches library, he has a similar take on things as Hatfield did but with wider application, in particular, combat sports, plus it is a great site, cheers, ash

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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