Avg Professional Players Height and Weight?

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    I am interested in understanding the average professional players height and weight for each position.

    Please share any data you may have available or your own experience or beliefs of optimal size.

    I would like to know this information for helping me select players for their best position that would allow them to move up to higher levels of play.

    I coach collegiate rugby in America and we play our players where the team needs them to play, but I also help promote the players to select sides and higher levels of play, All American, or U-23 national team or senior men American Super league. So a guy on our team plays tight head prop because he’s our best tight head, but really he doesn’t way enough and would need to switch to hooker to make the top level.

    Here is what I found, but I would like it broken down comparing tight head to loose head, and open side to blind side flanker, inside and outside center etc… for every position 1 to 15

    2003 World Cup Average Players Height and Weight

    All Players
    Height 6’1″ 18 5cm
    Weight 218 lb 99 kg

    Front Rows
    Height 6’1″ 185 cm
    Weight 242 lb 110 kg

    Second Rows
    Height 6’5″ 195 cm
    Weight 242 lb 110 kg

    Height 6’1/2″ 183 cm
    Weight 203 lb 92 kg

    Height 6’1/2″ 183 cm
    Weight 203 lb 92 kg

    Blake Stevens
    Colorado State University, USA

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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