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    Hi, Just wanted to know everybodys opinion on using weightlifting belts with rugby players, I know the Broncos trainer has the players using belts on heavy dlifts/squats and defrancos has his athletes use them. so whats everybody’s opinions? I always thought that as a union prop i have to do similar movements to heavy squats/dlifts on the field without weights but am thinking mabey the use of a belt could help protect my back especially now my weights are getting reasonable



    using a belt during maximal lifting is fine. Wearing one constantly during all movements may lead to you underusing your abdominal and lower back musculature.


    Just from my personal experiences, I find it very hard to ‘use’ my core properly without a belt (I need something to push my abs out onto, can’t just do it for some reason). So any heavy squat (eg over 180kgs) I belt up for. I’d rather lift 20kg more with a belt, than 20kg less without one.

    Only down side is with higher reps breathing hoop tension is a bit difficult (well for me anyway).


    Hi Prop, we have none of our players using belts or wraps or any other supportive gear, and that includes players who are deadlifting 200 kg and box squatting 270kg and cleaning 120 kg, personally I do not see the need, cheers, ashley


    I’d tend to agree with Ash on this one … never see the need really

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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