Bodyweight Conditioning for U16 & U18

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    Hi all,
    I’m a newbie to this site and I am really enjoying myself sifting through the plethora of information in here, however I do have a query…..

    I’m currently the S&C Coach at a QRL club (Aust) for the junior development teams. I’ve had them since October 2009 and I have been working them in the gym with the basic lifts, but now we have very limited access to a gym (share with other teams). In place of the gym, I have devised a plan which is aimed at developing strength primarily through bodyweight exercises. I am using slower (almost isometric) movements through four main bodyweight exercises (Pushup, Pullup, Leg Raises, Squat). As they improve, I change the difficulty of the movement. I am also utilising big tyres for jump squats, inverted pushups and the good ol tyre flips. There is also a metabolic conditioning element involved after the strength component to increase their aerobic/anaerobic capacity. These teams begin their season this weekend for the next 10 weeks (it’s a rep comp). Do you think that this will benefit the guys or should I be working harder to get them into the gym?
    Also, just one short point, what are the opinions of more experienced others on using Crossfit in place of a periodised training program for Qld Cup players? Guys are looking really fit and explosive but there is a distinct lack of hypertrophy happening from what I can see. And I feel there is too much emphasis on training under fatigue which is allowing some of the more inexperienced guys to use some really BAD technique to complete the set.
    Thanks all…hope this isn’t too long.


    All body-weight exercises are fantastic and a great starting point for inexperienced lifters. In my opinion cross fit is useful for people serving in the forces who have to learn to cope with different physical demands in a variety of situations. To develop physical qualities in rugby players cross fit is not the best option.

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