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    Hi ash,
    as a 19 year old fly half looking to develop physically, it would be great to know of the strenght levels of such a player like dan carter, what he benches, squats etc! any imformation would be much appreciated!

    Also thankyou for taking the time to post all this great info, so many people are benefiting from it and it is very much appreciated.



    Our first fives are not too bad in the strength department, 50 kg DB bench press, chins 30kg, power clean 100 off of blocks, not a lot of heavy squatting but using sprinter’s squat 90kg for reps hope that gives you an idea, ash


    what is a sprinters squat


    Single leg squat with a foot resting on a raised platform, often called
    a Bulgarian squat as well, ash


    By Tony Boutagy http://www.tonyboutagy.com

    Bulgarian Squats

    It was rumored in weightlifting circles that when the Bulgarian’s began to match the Russian’s dominance in the strength sports that they had a secret training weapon. That secret weapon, as it turned out, was not a secret at all, just hard work and excellent programming under super coach, Ivan Abadjiev. Interestingly though, many ascribed the powerful legs of the Bulgarians, in part, to the athlete’s performing single-leg squats with their back foot on a bench to supplement their other squatting movements. This enabled the Bulgarian weightlifter’s to normalize any strength imbalances between limbs and not to excessively load the back in the same way heavy back squats do. You’ll sometimes see these named Sprinter’s or Borzov Squats, after the famous Russian sprinter, Valeriy Borzov.

    Primary muscles used:
    Quadriceps, gluteals, hamstrings, and adductors.

    Set up:
    *Stand in front of a bench and place one foot flat on the bench so that the ankle is just off the end;
    *Position the foot on the floor far enough forward that it will be comfortable to squat without the heel lifting up or the hip flexors of the non-working leg being strained;
    *Use either dumbbells in both hands or a barbell on the trapezius.

    *Squat down, which will allow the hips to push back and down, the knee to come forward of the toes and the torso to learn forward from the hips;
    *Squat as deep as you can, the lowest range being when the lumbar spine begins to lose its neutral curvature or the hip flexors of the non-working leg become uncomfortably stretched or the knee touches the ground.

    *Drive straight back up to the starting position, making sure that the ankle, knee, hips and torso all move with the same speed and timing.

    Key Points
    *Keep the front foot flat on the floor throughout the movement;
    *Although the knee will come forward of the toes, it’s imperative to keep the patella tracking with the middle toes.


    Do you have any idea on the strength levels of a player like luke mcalister? as he can also play at 10 but is obviously different to carter, i understand if you can’t release exact numbers on him, but a rough guide would be much appreciated



    Sorry I have no current info on Lukey as he has been out of the system
    for a while now, cheers, ash


    What would you say is the benchmark for professional no.9’s at the top level with regards to 10m & 40m sprint, bench, squat, cleans and chins?


    In reality whatever they can do I really do not worry or care about
    numbers but what they can do on the park, so concentrate of doing your
    best in all areas of preparation and do not get carried away with your
    off field testing numbers, as the reality is that testing numbers are
    for people who do not see their athletes regularly, cheers, ashley


    But to satisfy your craving for numbers, these are for a Number 9, body
    weight 86 kg:

    Block clean 100/2

    Chins BW 30kg/2

    DB Incline Bench 45/2

    Sprinter’s Squat 85/4

    10m – 1.65

    40m – 5.15



    Cheers Bro

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