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    Hi people

    Ive heard a few times that different conditioning methods that are being used throughout the nrl/super 15 etc are finally working its way over to the uk, does anyone know what these different methods are?

    Ive read an article about conditioning method called eurofit which is all based around your Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS)/Velocity VO2 max, working at 100% of your MAS. Ive read that many nrl,afl,super 15 teams use max interval grids as part there pre season conditioning.

    Does anyone have more information about this and is this the conditioning method thats being widely used i.e in aus and working its way over to the uk?

    Any info/thoughts be great.




    The only stuff I have heard about MAS is how to calculate it, and what % of MAS to work at, to provide a training stimulus specific to what you are after.

    Remembering MAS is different depending on what mode of activity you are doing. For example your MAS for running will be different to your Rowing one.

    To calculate MAS for a running activity depending on what energy system you are trying to stimulate

    1. Try and cover as much distance as possible within
    5-8min for aerobic
    5-10sec for anaerobic alactic
    30sec for lactic
    2. Have the distance you covered in metres and divide by how many secs it took to cover the distance give the MAS for that activity m/s (meters per second)

    Hope that helps
    Kaine Tessier

    HYBRID Strength
    “We Begin Now”

    Ph: 0416 044 328

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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