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    A friend of mine has decided that he wants to get into the gym scene to try and add to his slight frame, he has currently never stepped foot into a gym before, however he does do allot of climbing,mountaineering so physically he’s not starting from scratch. He’s asked me for some advice, as I’m no expert myself, I thought I would see if I could get some ideas/help.

    My first thoughts are to take him through the basic compound movements, squat,bench press,barbell row etc. When he feels happy to have got the form in these I was thinking of a four day upper/lower body split with the rep range in the size/hypertrophy bracket.

    Any advice or suggestions would be great thanks.


    That is how I would approach it Lloydy, first 2 weeks, 2 x full body workouts each week, then weeks 3 – 6, 3 x full body workouts per week, concentratihng on the basics compound movements and rotating an A and B workout on non alternate days, reps around the 6 – 8 range but not at an RM loading, I feel beginners do far too high a rep range and they fatigue rapidly and hence get into bad technique habits, so I get then to stay in the 6 – 8 range and increase weight as they can each workout, usually for 4 sets on each movement. these are designed to put muscles on parking meters,

    Workout A – Back Squat, Bench Press, Bent Over Row, Standing Shoulder Press

    Workout B – Deadlift, Incline Bench Press, Weighted Chin ups (since he is a climber), Seated DB Shoulder Press

    The is your mate is still going strong you can advance him onto a 4 day split program, the number and variety are endless, how about you give it a shot and design a 4 day split and I can critique it and make any changes for you, cheers, ash


    Lloydy I would probably go with a rule of 24 hypertrophy split program when your firend is ready, I will put something together in the next few days for you to use as a template, especially choosing exercises that your friend will have at his gym, cheers, ash


    Thanks ash, if he sticks at which I hope he does I’ll try and make a workout as he progress’ for you to check over. It’s his first day today so he may never be back!!


    This is my 5 day Rule of 24 Hypertrophy program, so your friend can advance to this after a 6 month 4 day split program that you will put together for him and share with all of us:

    Monday – Glutes & Lower Back & Biceps (optional)

    4 x 6 Dead Lifts
    5 x 5 Good Mornings
    6 x 4 Glute Ham Raise or Snatch Grip RDL

    4 x 6 Seated DB Curls
    3 x 8 Preacher Bench Curls
    2 x 12 DB Zottman Curls or Thick Bar Reverse Curls

    Tuesday – Shoulders & Triceps

    4 x 6 Seated DB Shoulder Press
    3 x 8 Snatch Grip Upright Row
    2 x 12 Three Way Shoulder Raise (DB Lateral Raise, Plate Front Raise, Cable Bent Over Raise)
    1 x 24 Bradford Press (12 each side or over and back is 2)

    4 x 6 Weighted Dips
    3 x 8 Seated Over Head DB Extension
    2 x 12 DB Kickbacks (optional)
    1 x 24 Band Close grip Pressdowns (optional)

    Wednesday – Back & Biceps

    4 x 6 Weighted Chins
    3 x 8 One Arm DB Row
    2 x 12 Pulldown to Chest
    1 x 24 Fat Mans (Horizontal) Chins

    4 x 6 EZ Bar Curls
    3 x 8 DB Twist Curls
    2 x 12 DB Hammer Curls

    Thursday – Legs

    8 x 3 Box Squat
    6 x 4 Safety Bar Squats or Front Squats
    4 x 6 Single Leg (Bulgarian) Sprinters Squat

    Friday – Chest & Triceps

    4 x 6 Incline Bench Press
    3 x 8 DB Flat Bench Press
    2 x 12 Low Incline DB Flys

    4 x 6 Close Grip Bench Press (Get Strength Pro Trceps Bar is great for this)
    3 x 8 Lying EZ Bar Extensions
    2 x 12 Rope Triceps Extensions (optional)
    1 x 24 Hindu Push ups (optional)

    For core work either do a 10 minute core circuit 3 days a week at end of the workout or take Pavels advise and do the following:

    3 – 5 days a week
    3 – 5 exercises
    3 – 5 sets
    3 – 5 reps

    cheers, ash


    So the time has come for me to try and prepare a 3 day program, I can see it causing me many a sleepless night!! Before i put exercises into place I thought I’d go with a Lower/Upper/Full body split rather than a conventional body part split working around the 24 method. Would you say that’s a good way to go?

    Thanks again for the help.


    Hey Llyody, sounds like a firm starting point, all depending on who it is for and what you wish to achieve with the program, you could also try:

    Monday: Full Body power

    Wednesday: Upper Body Size/Strength

    Friday: Full Body Strength

    or as you have suggested:

    Monday – Lower Body

    Wednesday – Upper Body

    Friday – Full Body

    cheers, ash

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