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    Has many members out there had good/bad experiences using any type of GVT (German Volume Training) ? Gironda/Poliquin have extolled its virtues for many many years and its hypertrophy benefits. I myself have tried it and must say i like the intensity but the boredom and lack of variety is a killer ! any thoughts ?


    Yes mate I’ve tried it and had similar responses to you, I find it useful when short for time in the gym and just need something basic but brutal. Also for player with lower limb injuries I give them some GVT for their upper body, as you can get a cardiovascular response from it also (a limited one!).


    If the Volume doesn’t kill you first the boredom certainly will.

    Christian Thibedeau actually came up with a variation (Optimal Volume Training) of GVT that kept the volume but included a little more variety and reduced the boredom factor. I have a copy of it somewhere, I’ll look for it for you later today.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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