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    hi ashley its me paul, you answered my question before and thanks
    again, but i have a question for off-season training, my club rugby
    team starts pre-season training in july to get ready for the fall
    season, i play forward because im 6’5″ 270lbs, with this in mind i
    came up with 3 different training schedules to use until pre-season
    training starts while using WS4SB by DeFranco, out of the 3 schedules
    below which one would you recommend for a off-season schedule for a
    forward like myself:
    A. (4 day lifting)
    Monday – Max-Effort Upper
    Tuesday – Dynamic-Effort Lower
    Wednesday – Conditioning/Endurance
    Thursday – Repetition Upper
    Friday – Max-Effort Lower
    Saturday – Conditioning/Endurance
    B. (3 day lifting)
    Monday – Max-Effort Upper
    Tuesday – Conditioning/Endurance
    Wednesday – Max-Effort Lower
    Thursday – Conditioning/Endurance
    Friday – Repetition Upper
    C. (3 day lifting)
    Monday – Max-Effort Upper
    Tuesday – Conditioning/Endurance
    Wednesday – Max-Effort Lower
    Thursday – Conditioning/Endurance
    Friday – Dynamic-Effort Lower and Repetition Upper (combination of both)
    which one would you recommend?
    btw i have some questions about training i hope you can help me with:
    1. for the conditioning and endurance, since im limited with what i
    can do would this be a good idea: run or jog couple miles to the
    stadium and rest 2-3 min, then do either hill sprints or stadium
    stairs then rest 2-3 min, then run or jog back home, what do you
    think of this for conditioning and endurance?
    2. how important is dynamic-effort work for rugby players, like
    dynamic squats or dynamic jumps? how does that help for rugby
    performance or rugby strength and do forwards need dynamic work, if
    so which one: dynamic squats, dynamic bench, or dynamic jumps?
    3. when i use WS4SB i use a 2 week cycle for my ME lifts or upper and
    lower, for example – week 1 i go for my 3RM and week 2 i go for my
    1RM. now i read you said that rugby players should stay on a ME lift
    for at least 3 weeks and follow this 3 week cycle – week 1 go for
    5RM, then week 2 go for 3RM, and week 3 go for 1RM. why would it be
    best to follow the 3 week cycle rather than the 2 week cycle that im
    doing? should i forward like me follow the 3 week cycle or 2 week cycle?
    4. last question, what do you think, are these good max-effort
    exercises for rugby training especially a forward like myself:
    Lower – Olympic squats, box squats, sumo dead lift, conventional
    should i even do wide stance squats, snatch grip deadlift, or
    deadlift of standing on plates .. are these exercises even worth it
    while training for rugby?
    Upper – incline, close grip incline, flat bench, floor press, close
    grip flat
    would changing the grip on bench from wide to narrow, would that be a
    good choice sometimes on max-effort exercise?
    sorry for all these questions, hope you can answer some of them and
    thanks for all your help ashley!! much support from USA!!

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