High Intensity Aerobic conditioning for Rugby

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    Hi Guys
    Just wondering any you guys can clarify and give me examples of the below?

    If i was to look at doing gym based cardio conditioning intervals were i was working at 92-100% MAS (Maximal Aerobic Speed zone) for short periods of 15-30 secs with equal amount of active recovery intervals @ 70% MAS or less.

    What is Maximal Aerobic Speed?

    How many intervals/duration would you suggest with this session?

    Have any you guys got examples in regards to sessions on the treadmill,bike rower etc?

    Any help would be great!
    Regards Ben


    I’m not sure if you are able to determine what a percentage of your aerobic capacity is unless you are using a VO2max test to train with. You can use HR percentages which is a good indication of where an athlete is working. Also don’t forget that when an athlete hits their lactate threshold (100% aerobic effort??) aerobic activity becomes anaerobic (this is around 80%max HR).
    I know this question wasn’t intended for me, but considering you don’t have an answer yet, I thought I would throw my 2 bobs worth in.
    Aerobic conditioning for any contact sport (Union, League, AFL, NFL, etc) would vary for each sport but also for each position. Forwards, generally don’t have a need for as much aerobic capacity as backs do therefore you wouldn’t train everyone under the same umbrella.
    I’ve been training Rugby League guys for a little while and time of the training season has had an impact on what type of conditioning I’ve used. Early in pre-season, I worked on 400m-200m running with 1:1 work to rest ratio. As you shorten the distance, increase the rest for some sessions to work on quality speed or shorten it for others to get a metabolic conditioning effect.
    In the gym, it’s difficult to measure everyone’s output on different pieces of equipment so just give them a time to go hard (maybe 60-90secs), then change it up (like a circuit) or for more endurance then maybe 3-5mins on each station, then rotate. Use your imagination and see if it works….I don’t think there are any ‘right’ answers, just try and see.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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