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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for improving heavy feet in older athletes (18 )? Assuming there is no dysfunction issues and mobility is being addressed any thoughts?


    Your best bets are XLR8 ladders. Perform 2-3 sessions with them a week or use them as part of your warm up. Perform drills like single foot, double foot, icky shuffle/sidestep run, lateral run, lateral in and out, hopscotch, etc. Always focus on having light fast agile feet. Minimize ground contact time and make sure you don’t hear big heavy thuds, this means your tendons are aborbing the force as opposed to your muscles. Speed Skipping is also a good bet. Skip for 30 secs on 30 secs off for10 mins as a pre weights warm up.


    I agree with dunne10 that the use of ladders and also ropes, where you are
    emphasising light and quick foot movements would be a key, we also
    encourage skipping as an integral part of each weights warm up, I will
    have them set up before nearly all my warm ups to encourage the use of
    them, start on the simple patterns and progress, there is an excellent
    DVD available from which will show all the movements and if you can do an XLR8 bronze and silver speed courses to
    get some quality training done on these excellent tools, ashley


    Hi Ash,
    Yes i would agree that ladders will improve a players footwork, speed, quickness etc but with an older player who has no previous experience of ladder drills, average coordination & plenty of bad habits, would there be only minimal improvement if any at all!? best used at a young at the so called “window of oppurtunity”

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated,
    Cheers P.


    yes the younger the better with any of this type of work but you would be amazed at how well some of the older players pick up the movements, it is just a time and patience aspect, regular small amounts of training rather than a massed amount on an irregular basis, cheers, ash

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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