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    Hi, I’m inseason and am unsure what program i shouls be doing, i finished ash’s in season size program a couple of weeks ago with great results. I was sick for a couple weeks and have lost alot of fitness.

    I have lower leg/anckle/knee problems and am ment to limit my running to club training 2-3x a week and games. I want to be the fittest in my position in my comp. We do a fai bit of short interval training 1-2x a week at club, The treatment with my injuries is going good but really dont want to push it by doing more running. I have alright strength levels, but still want to improve alot in strength aswell as im in a weak pack.

    I have access to most equipment and can train every day, and all day monday/ tuesday.

    Thanks heaps.


    Heres what I’m currently doing

    Monday: Upper Body Pushing weights, rowing intervals, heavy bag work
    Tuesday: Lower Body Weights, bike work, Club training
    Wednesday: Upperbody Pulling weights, Bike/rower/swimming, optional Club Training depending on my legs or bike
    Thursday: Full Body Power, club training
    Friday: Recovery
    Saturday: Game
    Sunday Recovery

    I have a hard time getting my heart rate up on the bike so I use it more for lactic acid work in my legs and for leg endurance. Sometimes with the rower i do a set or 2 on the cross trainer because i get a bit tight in my back doing it all on a rower. I dont do any Olympic lifts to keep the weight of my lower legs, i do explosive box squats.

    I was thinking of adding a beastly circuit or one of alwyn cosgrove’s complex’s at the end of a weights session, aswell as some tabata intervals.

    My weights and cross training intervals are all stuff ash has written about.

    Is there any way I could organise this better, or any ideas for improvement

    cheers, sorry for the long post

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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