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    hi ash.
    i got a off/pre season work out from you a few months ago and it was a massive help. after playing three trial matches im feeling the benefits. thanks:)
    im a 110kg 6ft prop playing division 1 in wales.
    i just want some guidence on my weekly routine and what weights program should i follow in my three weekly schedule without losing muscle and strength. here is my weekly routine

    weights- cleans, squats, deadlifts, leg press, hamstrings, core 3xsets heavy

    tuesday-club training

    wednesday- chest/back superset session, arms, abs 4xexercises x s sets each

    thursday- power, shoulders, core
    club training

    friday- core

    saturday- match day

    sunday- recovery(pool session)

    could you give me ideas or tweak my schedule if necessary and suggest different weights program if needed.

    many thanks


    Hi there glad it is working well for you, I would tend to do one of the Metabolic type programs listed on my in season post the other day the first day of the week, say Monday after a Saturday game, this will give you a good flush out help with a bit of aerobic/anaerobic conditioning and maintain some size as well, Tuesday I would do a heavy full body workout with strength reps, Thursday I would do a full boy power session and and some of the upper body size program from the In Season post, so in summary:

    Monday: Metabolic or body weight circuits

    Tuesday: Full Body Strength

    Wednesday: Rest

    Thursday: Full Body Power Upper Body size

    Friday: Rest

    Saturday: PLay

    Sunday: Recovery

    cheers, ash


    thanks for the advice.
    should i be doing heavy deadlifts and squats in season as im a prop?
    could you give me a typical weights program for the monday tuesday and thursday weights sessions please.
    many thanks


    a squat or a deadlift each week is fine but trying to do both will be too much, cheers, ash

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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