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    For players who have had an acl reconstruction, what sort of program do you set them up with?

    Obviously there is rehab exercises that need to be done as set out by the physio, however the rest of the body needs to be worked.

    The rehab is intensive and involves cycling, various stretches and pool work, etc. Resistance will be introduced soon.

    What I am asking is how do your players maintain / increase their lean muscle mass and strength, as the whole body can’t be as worked intensely, due to the lower body being in a way out of action?

    I have been maintaining upper body strength through benches, pull-ups, seated rows and lat-pull downs, etc. – the frustration is that only seated / lying exercises can be utilised at this stage.

    I am also noticing my body weight is dropping, and am trying to combat this as best as possible – obviously within the limits that the injury rehab allows.

    I just think that by working the parts of the body that are working that it will improve the healing process.

    I have time to be fit in time for next years provincial season, and want to hit the ground running.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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