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    Hi Ash

    Im currently busy with my off-season program, but also still playing competative cricket. Im doing a 4 day a week program (Mostly Hypertrophy) and do gym sessions at 5am and cricket specific training in the afternoons; nets and fielding – (field based SAQ’s are done by incorperatong rugby & cricket SAQ’s). As of late I have been invited to provincial 3 & 2 day matches which means I have less time to train & my recovery is being compramised. Could you please give some advice regarding my training. I have been doing a program resembling your Off-season setup for Size,Strength & Power; primarily the Size version.

    Best Regards Diederick


    My initial thoughts on this Diederick would be one of priority, are you more likely to be playing first class cricket or rugby in the next wee while, and whilst I am not in any way qualified to speak on the training of cricketers I do believe that hypertrophy training could well be a negative and that you would be better served by an inside out approach to stabilsation and strength training, concentrating on rotator cuff, core (posterior and anterior and rotational), ankle and knee, flexibility, rather than working on increasing the size of the external musculature, try and pick up a copy of Eric Cresseys Magnificent Mobility as a starter, there are some excellent movements in there that all athletes should be doing as part of there program.
    I would go on a 2 day a week gym based program, add a yoga or stretch class in each week as well.

    If rugby is where you want to go then during cricket season I would not do the hypertrophy program but concentrate on a basic strength/power plan full body twice a week during game weeks and warm up with the program outlined previously here on say shoulders with the 12 different movements and do more unilateral work rather than bilateral work for the lower body.

    If there are any cricket specialists reading this please feel free to jump in and correct my ideas so help Diederick out, cheers, ash

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