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    You obviously trained and coached players from all over the world, but theres one thing thats always intrigued me that you might share your thoughts on.

    Many countries differ in their climate/ weather- do you think there are certain inherent conditions in those countries that give them an advantage in preparing their athletes over others?

    I only say this as the UK has just had its wettest August on record, swiftly to be followed by possibly its wettest September- so single handedly wrecking most of our club’s pre-season plans!
    ( Just ask Bris83, the SW of the UK has had it as bad as anywhere!)

    Yed ( Soaked to the skin) Bawon


    You make a very good point, with summers in the southern hemisphere we can almost guarantee good weather so it allows us to plan quite a bit of outside work, also I think being based in Christchurch has been the making of my program since there is so much you can do training wise and it is easy to get from one activity to another, for example we can do hill repeats on Mt Pleasant Rd, and then be over to Lyttleton Harbour to do some canoe or waka work within 20 minutes, so I would have to greatly re-think what I would do if I had the weather problems that you are experiencing, cheers, ash

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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