Optimal pre-weights warm-up

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    Just curious as to how you guys think a good warm-up should be conducted for strength sessions.

    Dynamic warm-up? Mobility drills?

    Static stretching?

    Aerobic work?

    I know if i’m tight and feeling restricted i’ll do 5 mins or so of mobility work (as a circuit to get the HR and core body temp up a little) followed by some static stretching. I know static isnt recommended but I seem to lift more as I have a better ROM. I know King is a big fan, poliquin is not. I don’t do any static stretching when doing 1-2 RM lifts, it is supposed to inhibit the nervous system, lengthens the sarcomeres beyond their optimal length… is this correct??

    Steve, how do powerlifters normally warmup? I’d imagine there’s no bodyblades or hula-hoops involed.

    Opinions would be great.





    My own choice is to do 5-10 mins foam rolling, a couple of static holds and finish with 5mins of dynamic stretching.

    The dynamic stuff I mainly got from Cressey/Robertson Magnificent Mobility which I found excellent. I also like DeFranco’s “Agile 8”.

    I’m sure everybody is different, I’ve found this to be a great help to my flexibility and general mobility while training.


    Check out the “Agile 8” on DeFranco’s Training. Solid all-around warm up with plenty of wiggle room to substitute exercises if needed. Add in a couple of low-rep explosive movements and you should be good to go!


    Personally, I like to knock over injury prevention/movement deficiency type work in warm up after some individual needs mobility work (sleeper, thoracic mob, hip flexor type stuff).

    Movement based warm up then generally includes some sort of circuit of multi-planar stuff, some jump/hop/landing progressions, vert/horizontal stab., shoulder integrity movements etc…(takes from 5-15mins depending on athlete needs).

    Hope this adds something to the mix,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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