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    Looking over the programs ash has posted, I’ve had a thought. For strength Ash has said that 3 full body days works best, like 1xOlympic, 1x Squat, 1x Posterior Chain, 1x Push/ Pull super set, Monday and Friday 6,5,4,4 etc. and Wednesday 3×5 @ 60% superseted with a pylo exercise. For a more size based program, the better approach would be an upper/lower or bodypart split.

    For someone wanting lowerbody strength and upperbody size could combining these programs work or would it be too much?

    like this:
    Monday and Friday
    Lower Body Strength

    1 x Olympic movement

    1 x Squat

    1 x Single Leg exercise

    1 x Hamstring/Lower Back
    lower body
    wk 1 – 6,5,4,6,5,4
    wk 2 – 5,4,3,5,4,3
    wk 3 – 4,3,2,4,3,2


    Full Body Power

    Choose two (2) exercises from each category:

    Wk 1 – 3 sets x 5 reps @ 60%/Contrasts 3 sets x 10 reps

    Wk 2 – 4 sets x 4 reps @ 70%/Contrasts 4 sets x 8 reps

    Wk 3 – 5 sets x 3 reps @ 80%/Contrasts 5 sets x 6 reps

    (1a) Power Snatch or Power Clean or Clean Pulls or One Arm DB Snatch

    (1b) Repeat Hurdle Jumps or Knees to feet Jumps or Box Jump ups or Band Jump outs

    (2a)Quarter Explosive Squat or Band Box Squat or Jump Squat

    (2b) Repeat Hurdle Jumps or Knees to feet Jumps or Box Jump ups or Band Jump Outs

    (3a) Push Press or Band Bench or Split Jerk or One Arm Barbell Throws one end in a corner or Push Press

    (3b) Clap Push ups or Plyo Rebounds or MB Cross-Over Push ups

    Tuesday and Saturday or Thursday
    Upper Body Strength/Size/Endurance Program

    Warm up Circuit then;
    3 week progression
    Exercise Combo A: wk1 – 4 x 6 wk2 – 5 x 5 wk3 – 6 x 4
    Exercise Combo B: wk1 – 2 x 12 wk2 – 3 x 8 wk3 – 4 x 6
    Exercise Combo C: wk1 – 3 x max wk2 – 4 x max wk3 – 5 x max

    1 x Push/Pull super set (bar or 2 hands together) A

    1 x Push/Pull super set (DB/Hammer) B

    1 x Push/Pull super set (BW/KB) C

    Monday: Lower Strength
    Tuedsay: Upper Size
    Wednesday: Full Body Power
    Thurday: Upper Size
    Friday: Lower Strength

    Alright, too much, change the days aound?


    Maybe a wee bit too much to tolerate long term but you could try it for 3 weeks and see, although I would think that something along these lines may work better for you:

    Monday – Full Body Power

    Tuesday/Thursday – Upper body Size/strength/endurnace

    Friday – Lower Body Strength

    Wednesday and weekend – OFF to restore and put balance in your life


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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