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    Hey guys,

    I’m busy putting together my plan for next season (southern hemisphere) and I was interested to hear what recovery/regeneration protocols are being used.

    I’m toying with ice baths or a hot-cold contrast protocol (could be a uphill battle finding a water supply considering I’m working with u20’s), coupled with compression socks if I can pick these up at a bargain. I’m also contemplating making a myofascial roller for each player (two tennis balls covered in strappal) as a regeneration tool post isotonic training.

    Any ideas or feedback?


    I’ve found hot and colds work well for me, with stretching and a foam roll after a game, then a bit of light exercise then a couple hours at the beach the next morning.

    The beach works well at our club as its a bit of fun so usually if the hangovers arent to bad itll be a good turnout 🙂


    Hi there,

    In terms of ice baths, was at a course a few weeks ago with a UK physio Glen Hunter and he advocates using normal tap water instead of ice as the long lasting effects of ice baths to not show long term benefits.

    He reckons all the GB athletes in Bejing used baths with room temperature water in them while everyone else was using ice baths.

    In terms of recovery protocols, for me its essential the players regain their mobility as soon as posisble. And this is what recovery is, recovery to pre match state isnt it?

    For me i hammer hip, ankle and thoracic mobility through various exercises. I like using hurdles for over and under kinds of things and also alot of thoracic rotation work which will help restore proper shoulder joint mechanics.

    I do alot of lunges with twists into single leg leg swings or karate style kicks to open up the joints in a controlled manner.

    Dave O’Sullivan,
    Leeds Rhinos RLFC.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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