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    Hello guys, at almost the end of the rugby season, unfortunately I have picked up a shoulder injury during the weekend( acromio-clavicular sprain) and the doctor gave me 2 weeks of no contact training or weights with the injured shoulder.
    I start with the physio session tomorrow, but I don´t want to loose the strength and conditioning with the playoffs coming up. I play winger, so If you guys could help me out with what to do in these 2 weeks, maybe lower body strength and some good shoulder strength I`ve heard that is beneficial.
    The gym has a lot of the basics (no complex barbells or anything) but it does have a lot of upper body hammer strength, smith machine, barbells,dumbbells and every other machine that there is. If you could please help me out a little with that and some conditioning that I can do without running until maybe next week, I would really appreciate it.
    Keep up the great work and thanks for the time and patience!!
    Cheers, Nico.


    Hey Nico, well for the next 2 weeks I would basically do all one sided pushing movements whilst you are working with the physio this will significantly reduce any muscle wastage on the damaged side as well, the hammer machines are great for this, also be careful of any end range pulling movements ie at the bottom of a chin up or row which will place stress on the shoulder as well, maybe safe initially to just do one sided pull with the undamaged arm as well, I would do 3 sessions a week on the upper body, 3 push and super set with 3 pull, day 1 – 5 x 8, day 2 – 3 x 12 day 3 – 4 x 10, try and do different movements in different sequences on the different days, you maybe able to front squat, but maybe you will have to stay on machines leg press/leg ext/leg curl till your shoulder can tolerate. The physio will give you a range of movements for your rehab, as for cardio, it looks like the bike intervals for you 2 or 3 sessions per week for the next 2 or 3 weeks, I prefer to use a spin bike and work on time intervals:

    45 seconds out of the seat climbing against resistance then 15 seconds back on the seat low resistance and fast spin, then 30/30 and then 15/45 repeat times 15 approx 45 minutes total warm up/cool down

    ladder: 1 min fast spin 30 seconds hard climb 2 minutes fast spin 30 seconds hard climb 3 minutes fast spin 30 secs hard climb 4 minutes fast spin 30 secs hard climb 5 minutes fast spin then 30 seconds hard climb then repeat going down repeating the 5 minute fast spin

    there are numerous variations on these, hope this helps, ash

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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