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    Hello all
    Firstly to Ashley, Damian and steve thank you so much for providing such an excellent resource for those of us who wish to educate ourselves on S&C as much as we can.

    I was hoping I could get some advice from anyone. I’m an 18 year old playing club footy, its our current off-season, and I’m recovering from a shoulder recon I had immediately after our team’s GF win this year. I have done my six weeks in the sling and am now a bit over two months post-op with the conservative estimate putting my return to lifting at 3.5 months post op, and playing at six months post op. I play 6/7/8, and having lost about 9-10kg since the op (I struggled with reactions to the anaesthetic), I am probably going to come into playing again slightly underdone in terms of size and strength (in Upper body at least) and will need focus heavily on these two areas, my metabolic capacity I have maintained pretty well and will continue to work at along with a bit of straight line speed/sprint mechanics and acceleration stuff.

    My question/s are this
    1. I am sure you have worked with players in a similar situation, any advice on developing a 1st program that can form a bit of a general conditioning base for the muscles and joints, just to re-introduce upper body lifting in a safe manner that sets the athlete up well to move into some of the more serious hypertrophy/strength work (like the ones on here). If you have copies or examples of anything you have used with your players in the past that would be amazing.

    2. I’m kind of getting sick of my current program for my lower body and core. Being unable to move my shoulder, or hold bar/db’s I unfortunately haven’t been able to do my favorites (squat/deadlift/O-lift/lunge variations) so have had to do mostly unilateral leg press variations (45 degree and horizontal), Hack press/squat on machines, Hammer V-squat, GHR and hamstring curls, some Db single leg RDL’s, calf work, core and box jumps, Plus prehab work for knee/ankle and bike/long distance running. I started doing all this sort of stuff basically after 2 weeks. And was wondering if you have any ideas for more functional, rugby specific lifts I could do to tide me over until I get the all clear to lift properly again (particularly core stuff). I realise I can only do what I can but any advice with the benefit of your experience would be great.

    Thanks again guys I look forward to hearing from you


    I am very much guided by the Doctor, Surgeon and Physio in this area and they will drive the rehab and advise me of what they need, but initially I think the big thing is that you have to work the non-injured side as hard as you can in order to get a neural cross over effect into the injure limb thereby reducing the amount of atrophy and hastening the rehab when you can get started on the injured limb. We will always do a lot of shoulder/rotator cuff activation work in our warm ups and gradually start to load on our performance weights for the shoulder area, every case id different so I am loathe to prescribe a one size fits all program each program should be mapped out with the medical and the training staff and the player,here are some of our shoulder warm ups to start doign, some have strange names and you may have to get a trainer to interpret some of them for you, some of them will not be good for you yet but you can add them in as you porgress,cheers,ashley

    Before you Start your Weights Program (warm up options 10 minutes)

    High Hurdle Mobility Circuit – Forward/Back, Under/Over

    Plate Circuit (6 each movement)

    Plate Swings/Overhead Squat/Plate Head Circles/Plate Horizontal Push/Plate Wood Chop/Alt. Reverse Lunge with Twist/Plate Bent over Row

    BW Mobility Circuit (Combat Conditioning options – 10 each)

    Grasshoppers/Mountain Climbers/Hindu Push ups/Prisoner Jump Squats/Scorpions Prone & Supine/Alt. Lunges/Table Maker/Reverse Push up/Rock & Rolls/No Momentum Sit ups/Legs to Floor Overhead

    Skipping KB Swings – 30 seconds skip/30 seconds KB swings mix it up

    KB Circuit (6 reps each exercise)
    MMA Row/MMA Press/Alt. Upright Row/See Saw Shoulder Press/Clean/Snatch

    DB Shoulder Circuit (15 reps each exercise)

    Arnold Presses/Lateral Raise/Front Raise/Bent over Raise/YTI’s/Drawing the Swords/L Raise/Cuban Press/Overhead Shrug/Scarecrows

    Olympic lifting Complexes (bar only)

    Muscle Snatch from floor Hang Power Snatch Snatch Balance Squat Snatch Press Overhead Squat

    Clean Grip Power Snatch Hang Power Clean Front Squat Sots Press Push Press

    Hang Snatch/Push Press/Front Squat/Hang Clean/Bent over Row/RDL

    Ashley Jones


    Outstanding ashley, thanks mate. I will indeed play it by ear and take what advice I can. Thanks so much for your help


    Cheers glad I could be of some assistance, let me know when you are cleared by your surgeon and physio and I will put together a performance program for you to get you along th eway to where you want to go, merry christmas,ashley

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