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    hey, i was wondering which stance is preffered in the back squat by the trainers on here. I have found that i’m stronger doing narrow to medium stance deep squats like those done by olympic weightlifters than doing in the style described by loue simmons and dave tate but there seems to be the idea that there is more potential for people to lift bigger weights and to become stronger doing the powerlifting style.

    Is it just a case of what ever suits you best, or using a different style at a different time or is one better from a rugby stand point compared to the others.



    with sprintes and throwers who move a lot of weight relative to bodywt I strongly advocate comfort and stability rather than arbitary positioning … they experiment and find a groove that suits – few if any end up choosing a sumo position

    Lower limb wise we are all strung together in slightly different ways, our limb lengths, muscle insertions, joint angles etc all differ.

    Although my evidence is only anecdotal smaller hipped athletes in my opnion have a greater risk of labral hip cartilage tears using a sumo stance … there is too much weight palced on a small area of cartilage at that extreme angle – small hipped individuals typically have less ball insertion into the hip socket and correspondingly less cartilage action

    – its also kinda interesting to note that farmers who report a lot of time riding astride (with a wide hip stance) on bikes etc suffer an extremely disproportionate incidence of dual hip arthritis

    all trivia I know …. on a more conditioning note I kinda like squats in a more natural position relative to running motion … you ever seen someone run sumo style???


    Very good point often overlooked – different peoples and races have very different bones structures and movement patterns as a result.

    You see it in different races – who incidentally then tend to be drawn to different sports…. coincidence? Hardly.


    As you have often seen on westside tapes over the years the emphasis is on a extra wide stance in squatting and it works for them in competition, but they advocate wearing groove briefs or a squat suit to save the hips from being beaten up from the stress that is placed on them using this style, it is a cost benefit relationship, in reference to the use of a sumo stance in pulling, Hatfield has stated that those lifters who are stronger in the legs would favour this style over a traditional deadlift, cheers, ashley

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