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    im currently into the 4th month of the season and noticed that my strength and bodyweight has dropped slightly as expected. i currently use whey protein and creatine energy drink on club training and gameday and find them very benificial. what other supplements would you suggest i use in order to keep a high muscle mass and strength level untill end of the season? many thanks.


    What you are already taking seems fine, although if you struggle to hold your weight I would make sure your post workout shake contains carbs as well as protein. Also i have found drinking glutamine during workouts to be helpful in maintaining that hard earned muscle! Be sure to eat every 2-3hours-plenty of meat and veg and good carbs.

    In short…
    Mix glutamine with water and sip during workouts then consume a shake with roughly 20-30g of whey protein and 50g carbs. You should be eating 6 ‘meals’ each day (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid -afternoon snack, post training shake, evening meal and pre-bed snack)


    With the post-workout shake, is that 50g of simple carbs, say – dextrose powder?? cheers, chris


    quick release carbs are what you are after in your post-workout, so yes


    Treat anythign you hear from supplement manufacturers with skepticism – remember their main aim is to sell more of their products.

    you may want to check out the research on the high molecular weight low osmolarity carb source – – being an example available in the UK

    Research suggest postworkout these are highly efficient.

    At the amino acid level leucine has been demonstrated as one fo the more effective post workout protein synthesis aminos – so may be worth looking at.

    The jury remains out on glutamine – personally I find it can help ward off infection that sometimes seem to be triggered when you workout extrmeley hard so some wont hurt!

    A 100 kg man on average cant assimilate more than 30g protein from a complex source in one sitting – so there is no point going overboard on the protein supplementation – you are better off spreading over 6 or more meals during the day – dont be fooled by supplement selling propaganda – clearly they want you to use more – swallowing 30 BCAA tablets across an hour will only make your urine expensive – you simply cannot absorb that amount.

    and finally some research suggests that a good old full glass of milk with milo mixed in is not that bad postworkout post workout and its a damn site cheaper! Whatever you take get it in within 30 min postworkout – thats the sensitive time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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