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    under your program guidance i completed the last 7 weeks of my off season and entire pre season. yesterday the boys at my university met up with the coaches for fitness testing, these are the differences from last year to now!

    last year – this year

    2400 metre run: 9.11 – 8.57

    50 metre sprint: 6.8 seconds – 6.1 seconds

    illnois agility run: 16.9 seconds – 16.3 seconds

    vertical jump: 24 inches – 31 inches

    1rpm squat: 95 kg – 110 kg

    1rpm deadlift: 120 kg – 145 kg

    1rpm bench press: 85 kg – 107.5 kg

    1rpm pull ups: 12 kg – 24 kg

    1rpm cleans: 82.5 kg – 97.5 kg

    all i have to say is thank you very much ash! the coaches were impressed as i did it without gaining too much weight (87 kg – 93 kg) and now ive reduced my bodyfat content and got fitter, ive been moved back to flanker from hooker! and ive been made pack leader/forwards captain! cheers mate! needless to say im shattered and ive spent all day gorging on pasta and chicken!


    What can I say the effort you must have put into getting those results speaks volume for you as a person, well done and I hope your year continues on such positive notes, cheers, ash


    Mate congratulations on your success! Very inspiring to me and all our readers.

    Once again, Well done and keep up the great work.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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