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    im off to australia to play in mid april and ill be doing my pre season on my own. ive read your articles on back three and back row training. have you got a program for front row training? weights/fitness/speed/strength.
    im looking to do two sessions a day.

    many thanks


    Hi there if you give me a few days I can get something up for you, I am on tour at present for a pre season game in Australia so a wee bit tied up but will have something up on the site by the middle of next week for you, cheers, ashley


    Deciding what you need to emphasise will be your first goal, this is how I start to structure an off season plan looking at the following options:


    thanks for the reply. making a start on session you gave me. im looking to work on aerobic and strength/size for now and power mid march.

    many thanks great help again.


    Hi, just a few quick questions, Would the A B weights program be suitable for use on a monday wednesday with preseason trials on saturday? What is the rest bewteen sets? What is the reps for the box squat? 6/5/4 5/4/3 4/3/2? Do you increase weight every second workout? And finaly what would be suitable replacements for the jammer exercises, the push pull and the power tackler, some kind of cable woodchop?

    Thanks heaps


    Hi there yes that would be most applicable for you to do in your week
    plan, sets and reps as you have identified we have now added a second
    heavy set to our plan and dropped one exercise so we now do inseason as:

    1 x Olympic OR Hamstring/Lower Back
    1 x Squat
    1 x Upper Body Push
    1 x Upper Body Pull

    All those movements you have listed can be done with cables, cheers,a

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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