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    If I’m getting up early to do weights, and train about half an hour after waking up, is there anything special I should do to sort of wake up becuase I’ve heard that you’re weaker early in the morning due to your CNS? Would some coffee before training, some extra mobility work or some jumping help?

    Also what should I be eating? I can’t imagine having a big breakfast then training half an hour later



    Some problems with early morning training are stiffness of achilles and
    also lower back, so jumping could be a negative on that but caffeine
    would be a good start to get you going, a supplement like Musashi
    reactivate hard core extra beta alanine would be an ideal 30 minutes
    before you train, and a good dynamic warm up is extremely important, ash


    I agree with Ash. Depending on the workout and your goals you could just have the normal Reactivate which has carbs. Alternatively you could have some sort of protein carb shake. The important thing is to get something in that you can tolerate before you train. I like to have a warm shower before i train in the morning because my back can be stiff but you can also finish with just cold which certainly wakes you up. However, i wouldn’t be too concerned about whether you are weaker due to CNS etc. Mentally that just puts excuses in your head. There are plenty of people who get strong lifting early in the morning and its something i believe your body gets use to.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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