Re: Injured knee…


hey mate

I tend to agree with Ferg on this one – I have seen 12 grafts over last 2 years using opposing (healthy) leg tissue – the majority successful to some extent

you indicate you had a previous graft at time of ACL reconstruction 7 years ago – how well did that hold up? what were the underlying reasons for reoccurence – obvioulsy traumatic injury may have been the trigger but were there weaknesses to start with

Two full ACL recons starts to be a big load on one knee mate and to be honest you are on a track to oestoarthritis in that joint.

I am sorry to say the best advice I can give you is to think long and hard about your playing future – your age and the level at whch you are playing

If your passion continues to drive you then as Ferg suggests it is important to understand outside of surgery what you can do for the mechanics of knee joint stability and equally allow enough time to full rehab and fully strengthen this leg – most people rush it …. connective tissue can require a minimum of 6 months retraining to reach a good strength / support level

Good luck mate – wish you the best