Re: Nutrition


I recently read the metabolic typing diet by William Wolcott and Trish Fahey. Good read. Works on the premise that there is no generic diet that can apply to us all and that a diet that works well for one person could have no effect on a second and make a third worse, so one man’s food is another’s poison (a bit extreme but you get the gist). The book uses a questionnaire that aims to identify your metabolic type (protein based, carbo based, mixed type) and then outlines ways to manipulate your diet. It’s working well for me in the early stages, will let you how it goes long term. I’d love to hear if anyone has come across this book and what they think. Makes a lot of sense.

Also Ashley introduced me to Greens plus some time ago. I live in Hong Kong at the moment where it can be challenging at times to find a reliable source for good quality fruit and veg. I started chugging Greens plus and noticed a big difference. Tastes…bad.