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    These look pritty good, are these the sort of stuff thats being promoted to athletes now, i’ve read alot of Poliquin’s stuff but i thought it wasnt applicable to rugby players, but i was wrong, always good to learn


    great thread – thanks guys!

    Interestingly science suggest that high carb diets not only increase our insulin and associated problems of longer term insulin resistance but also decreases our testosterone whereas diest based around good fats and protein do the opposite.

    We have tried hard to wean our sprinters off carbs and onto protein with good results on skinfolds (e.g a fall in average of a group fo 8 from 63 to 57 – sum of 8).

    They still have one or two shots of “complex carbs” – oatbran porridge with yoghurt in the morning, maybe one other serving of brown rice – but apart from that its fruit and veges they rely on – even this relatively small change has produced good results.

    We do of course avoid the trans fats and a lot of saturated fat but there is still a big foucs on red meat as well as other meats and fish.

    We test for zinc levels and prefer the level to be at the higher end of normal.

    We probably get them to ingest about twice the standard guide for protein and only about 2/3 that of carbs – still not optimal but a lot better than the other way around!!!

    thanks again


    Sounds solid Onspeed… carbs are needed – just not in the massive quantities we were told and not from the sources we were told either – get your greens, raw fruit & veggies.
    But some people try to avoid carbs at all costs thinking if less is good, none is great and while the sedentary pop can get away with ketosis and very low carb diets performing athletes engaged in very high volumes of work and anaerobicalactic work can’t.


    As getstrength mentioned those 2 books are very good starting points, also read anything on nutrition by Poliquin. These sources will provide an excellent source of information for people wanting more info.


    Looks very good, I would have you taking in another protein shake before bed, and depending on how much training you are doing you may have to lift your calories by around 10%, but I would seek professional nutrition expertise on that matter, ash


    I like berardi’s reccomendations. He’s got like 7 rules to follow..

    I really like the paleo diet but as an amaetur athlete its hard to get the volume of food required without spending all my $$ on food so i usually do it for like 4-6weeks at most.

    I eat heaps of cruciferous veges also… took me like 2months to learn to ‘apperciate’ brocolli


    Hi Prop, both books can be found on ebay and yes they have a paypal option.



    I recently read the metabolic typing diet by William Wolcott and Trish Fahey. Good read. Works on the premise that there is no generic diet that can apply to us all and that a diet that works well for one person could have no effect on a second and make a third worse, so one man’s food is another’s poison (a bit extreme but you get the gist). The book uses a questionnaire that aims to identify your metabolic type (protein based, carbo based, mixed type) and then outlines ways to manipulate your diet. It’s working well for me in the early stages, will let you how it goes long term. I’d love to hear if anyone has come across this book and what they think. Makes a lot of sense.

    Also Ashley introduced me to Greens plus some time ago. I live in Hong Kong at the moment where it can be challenging at times to find a reliable source for good quality fruit and veg. I started chugging Greens plus and noticed a big difference. Tastes…bad.


    where can you get greens plus


    I found some in a health food store when I visited Canada but they deliver via the website


    Good to see you are still on the greens yiddles, you just have to mix it with some nicer tasting things, like that calamari milkshake you rave about, stay well, ash


    Don’t knock it til you try it.


    How about carb intake the day before game day?? Is it really necesary to eat a big plate of pasta on game day and the day before or you can also eat the same amount that you eat during the week.
    What about the mith of the 3 day carb “charge” before a competition?


    I just have a question regarding ZMA supplementation.
    On the back label it says to eat on an empty stomach and have no foods high in calcium with it.
    If I do have it with a protein shake before bed, is that going to cause any side effects?


    Leave between 60 and 30 mins between taking them

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