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    @nicoureta 569 wrote:

    How about carb intake the day before game day?? Is it really necesary to eat a big plate of pasta on game day and the day before or you can also eat the same amount that you eat during the week.
    What about the mith of the 3 day carb “charge” before a competition?

    This thought process originated from research originally conducted and falsely applied to team sports


    @powersports 572 wrote:

    I just have a question regarding ZMA supplementation.
    On the back label it says to eat on an empty stomach and have no foods high in calcium with it.
    If I do have it with a protein shake before bed, is that going to cause any side effects?

    Sorry powersports but that is way outside my area hopefully there is a nutritionist I can check with and get some feedback for you, ashley


    my copy of the paleo diet for athletes book just arrived, after skimming through, it looks interesting, it has oats under the foods to avoid aswell as yoghurt and canned fish, i thought these would be ok, especially the oats, does anybody have any tips for cheap and easy foods that can be taken in a backpack to uni or work?, i eat nuts, fruits and protein shakes, but what else? Beef jerky is a bit on the expensive side for me at the moment


    how much protein do you generally reccomend? 1g/kg 1g/lb?


    Personally I favour the 1 gm per pound approach but then again I am not a nutritionist, and they may defer to the 1 gm per kg, but I would say that most of my players would not have a problem consuming the desired amount it would be more of a problem to get them consuming adequate amounts of good fats and minimising the number of carbohydrate calories they consume, cheers, ash

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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