Re: Nutrition


great thread – thanks guys!

Interestingly science suggest that high carb diets not only increase our insulin and associated problems of longer term insulin resistance but also decreases our testosterone whereas diest based around good fats and protein do the opposite.

We have tried hard to wean our sprinters off carbs and onto protein with good results on skinfolds (e.g a fall in average of a group fo 8 from 63 to 57 – sum of 8).

They still have one or two shots of “complex carbs” – oatbran porridge with yoghurt in the morning, maybe one other serving of brown rice – but apart from that its fruit and veges they rely on – even this relatively small change has produced good results.

We do of course avoid the trans fats and a lot of saturated fat but there is still a big foucs on red meat as well as other meats and fish.

We test for zinc levels and prefer the level to be at the higher end of normal.

We probably get them to ingest about twice the standard guide for protein and only about 2/3 that of carbs – still not optimal but a lot better than the other way around!!!

thanks again