Is a Programme right for you?

The right programme can be the difference between becoming a good lifter or becoming a great lifter…To be a good lifter you need reasonable technique, strength & speed.  To be a great lifter you need excellent technique, superior strength & exceptional speed.  And of course other factors of high importance like; flexibility, nutrition, commitment, dedication, [More Info]

Weightlifters look to maintain medal tradition

Largely unrecognised for much of their careers, New Zealand weightlifters have a tradition of emerging from the background and into the limelight at the Commonwealth Games and in the past have been well represented in the medal count. For the size of the sport – there are less than 100 competitors across the country from [More Info]

Weight Training, Conditioning & Weightlifting

The fundamentals required for most sporting codes include: 1. Speed 2. Stamina 3. Suppleness 4. Skill 5. Strength Speed is inherent in a person and can maximized through technique and focused exercises. Stamina (or fitness!) is acquired through distance or high repetition work. Suppleness (or flexibility!) is acquired through stretching and repetitive exercise. Skill is [More Info]