Getstrength’s Best Priced Safety Squat Bar Yet!

Hi Team, You will want to check this out. Best Priced Safety Squat Bar Yet and still New Zealand Made. Getstrength Manufactured Economy Safety Squat Bar and Collars. This Safety Squat Bar will fit all Olympic Plates! Economy Safety Squat Bar and Collars Stay Strong, Steve Thompson

Why We Make GS Strongman Logs The Way We Do!

HT Steel Log with 2 Grips Options

We have a lot of readers asking us why we make the GS Steel Strongman Logs the way we do and why they cost so much! So i thought I would pull Kevin out of the Factory for a few minutes to explain the reason behind our costing and the way we go about things. [More Info]

How to wrap your Knee’s for Heavy Squatting

Here is a very useful video filmed at the Getstrength Factory gym, the boys in action with their Knee Wrapping  technique. The key point is to keep you leg straight while wrapping, it is very handy to get your training partner to help to keep you leg straight or even wrap your legs if you [More Info]

New Videos Posted to the GS Youtube Channel

Hi Team, We have uploaded two training videos to our youtube channel. Steel Log Training and Chain Squat Chain Squats: Progressive overloading with chains to build accelerating strength, firing motor units through out the body opening more neurological pathways for optimal strength.

Getstrength Platinum Now Open to the public free of charge!

Hi Team, After 5 years of running Getstrength Platinum we are finally going to open up the board to the public free of charge. Thank you very much for all your support over the years, its been fun. Check out the new Getstrength Community Forum at : Click here to visit Getstrength Community  **New articles and [More Info]