New Eleiko XF Bumpers 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg Incredible Introductory price for a Limited Time

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Taking Pre-Order now.

A heavy-duty rubber bumper with stainless steel inserts vulcanized into the rubber. Tough enough to withstand the abuse of intense daily use in the gym and the crossfit box!

Price only available for a short time.

The Eleiko XF Bumper has a lower density which means a thicker bumper (from 30 mm to 120 mm). Although you can’t fit as many of these on the bar, their toughness is hard to match and the feeling when you lift is stable – even with less weight on the bar.

Quieter when dropped
Since the rubber in Eleiko XF Bumpers is softer than the rubber used in Eleikos Olympic discs, the XF Bumpers won’t chip floors and are quieter when dropped.

Available to New Zealand Customers only

ORDER NOW! for a 8 week ETA

Price only available for a short time.

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Steve Thompson

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