New Videos Posted to the GS Youtube Channel

Hi Team, We have uploaded two training videos to our youtube channel.GS Youtube Channel

Steel Log Training and Chain Squat

Chain Squats:
Progressive overloading with chains to build accelerating strength, firing motor units through out the body opening more neurological pathways for optimal strength.

Chain adjustment for lifter. Chains deload on the eccentric phase and reload on concentric phase creating progressive overloading.
The chains should completely be deloaded at the bottom of the squat or on your chest in the bench press.

Strongman Steel Log Press

Great log for indoor use at the gym, not to big to throw around, ideal for power cleans and press. The perfect training log.

The steel log can be used for endurance/speed training to maximum power training.Log movements involve different muscle not always used in conventional movements.Used with a hammer grip for improved functional movement.”Serious logs for serious athletes!”

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