New Front Squat Harness Video

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Having problems with front squats?

Shoulder pain getting the better of you?

“I love Front Squatting but my delts hurt to much”

“The Front Squat is by the far the best leg and core exercise ever but I just can’t squat deep enough because i can not keep my elbows up through out the squat”

“Front Squats kills my shoulders”

Well we have the solution, No more shoulder pain, Instant technique adjustment, No Squatting depth issues, Train the legs to there full potential.


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Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen does it again! NEW WORLD RECORD!

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World Record Date: 18/08/2012

Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen

Congratulations to Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen from Norway for once again breaking the 105kg  (231lb) Weight Class Record for the Open Mens and Masters 40+

Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen broke the record with a strong 457.46 lbs Front Squat with the Getstrength Front Squat Zercher Harness. Taking the record off Jesse Kellum from USA

Front Squat Harness World Record Board 

Please check out video’s below

Plus Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen bio.


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