The Roads to Rome

Everyone is in search of the best program, the best way and in the fastest time. When you begin the quest for strength, you always feel that you need to know more.By Damian Marsh Athletic Performance Coordinator ACT Brumbies Rugby Union, Australia   A man was travelling in his car when he came to an [More Info]

The Holy Grail Grail – Damian Marsh

The search for the perfect program. It is a romance that I will take to my grave. Years of reading, watching, doing and asking, yet I am no closer to the strength man’s Holy Grail. What would it look like? What would it entail? Basic compound movements? Surely.   It would probably start with an [More Info]

Speed & Agility Training for Rugby – The Warm Up – Damian Marsh

Introduction A general warm up can be used to increase the core temperature of the body consisting of general running, stretching and dynamic range of motion exercises. However, the latter stage of the warm up can be made more productive by incorporating drils that aid in technical development or specificaly lead into the type of [More Info]

Variation on a Theme -Overload Variations – Part 1 – Damian Marsh

Introduction In our quest for size strength and power it is easy to stay on the same path, to do what we are familiar with, what we like doing. We all have our “go to” methods which we believe gives us results. However, the body is an amazingly adaptive organism. Sometimes we need to head [More Info]