Double Trouble

Double Trouble
Ashley Jones, Crusaders – Super  Rugby two (2) exercises complexed together as a hybrid movement. They can be used as a warm up for any program, an loading sequence on their own or a lead in…..By Ashley Jones

A few years ago I wrote an article for Milo ( entitled Triple Treats, where I detailed a method of training using three (3) similar movements starting with the movement you would use the lightest weight and when you can no longer perform three reps with the weight then move to the next exercise. The three most popular triples treats would be, utilizing a push, pull and squat philosophy would be:

Push – Miltary Press, Push Press, Split Jerk

Pull – Power Snatch, Power Clean, Clean Pulls or Clean Grip Dead Lift

Squat – Overhead Squat, Front Squat, Back Squat

This article will look at a similar idea with the use of two (2) exercises complexed together as a hybrid movement. They can be used as a warm up for any program, an loading sequence on their own or a lead in to the triple treats. They serve as a fantastic warm up due to the range of movement that you can achieve with them and as a loaded flexibility movement. They may take a while to accustom yourself to but the time will be well spent when you experience the improvements in flexibility and hence the ability to get into a better position on all compound movements that you will use. It is a humbling experience to use just the Olympic bar or loaded with the small metal plates but once over this ego blow stay with them and reap the rewards.

Select two of the couplets and perform them first in your workout, perform two reps for each couplet and perform around 6 – 12 sets of each, depending on what your goal is, I am currently doing these five days a week, before going out and performing some strongman movements. Included below are a number that we draw from but be creative and let me know ones that you come up with as well.
Sots Press + Squat Military Press

Pressing Snatch Balance + Snatch Grip Squat Press

Squat Clean + Front Squat

Clean Grip Power Snatch from low blocks + Push Press

Power Snatch + Push Press behind neck

Power Clean + Push Press

Power Snatch + Step Up

Zercher Lift from floor with thick bar + Zercher Squat

Squat Snatch + Overhead Squat

Push Press + Split Jerk

Simmons Good Morning Squat Complex

Rakhmanov Good Morning Complex

Hang Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean

Hang Clean + Romanian Dead Lift

Split Jerk + Split Squat

There are 15 couplets that you can try, have a go with them and see which ones you feel most comfortable with and then the challenge is to load after a sufficient break in period and see how you go. Be patient and I am sure that attention to the couplets will result in poetry in motion.

Ashley Jones

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