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New World Front Squat Harness Records! Ray Owen and Peter Gray from Penrith Australia

Congratulations to  Ray Owen and Peter Gray out of Fitness First, Penrith Australia for there successful  World Front Squat Harness Records! Here is a little background on these lifters from the Powerlifting Xtreme Team. Name : Ray Owen. Age : 43 Height : 5’7 Weight : 92.5 kg From : Erskine Park , Sydney NSW Australia World Record […]

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New Front Squat Harness World Record – Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen from Norway

World Record Date: 27/07/2012 Congratulations to Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen from Norway for breaking the 105kg  (231lb) Weight Class Record for the Masters 40+ Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen broke the record with a strong 424.39 lb Front Squat with the Getstrength Front Squat Zercher Harness. Front Squat Harness World Record Board  Please check out video’s below Plus Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen […]

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